Empower the potential of Yuva Bharat by inculcating ancient values, purity of knowledge, team spirit, national integrity and work ethics.


"Reach out to the Youth" to prosper as society where young people fully participate in all walks of life to pave the way for overall peace and harmony in every sphere of the country's growth.


  • To provide networking, tutoring for youth to develop social skills
  • To make young Indians to be healthy, productive and engaged citizens.
  • To prepare youth succeed as citizens, employees, entrepreneurs and change makers.
  • To coordinate action to harness the talent and potential of the Indian youth.
  • To make youth to understand the country’s past glory to feel proud to be an Indian
  • To promote social development activities through seminars, conferences, debates and round-table dialogues
  • To provide leadership platform to spread change among the Indian youth
  • To shower knowledge on youth about India’s culture and heritage along with present development of the country in all aspects